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Heritage Tree Care's Arboricultural Consultancy Services include:

• Tree risk & safety surveys • Woodland Management • Tree Surveys for Planning & Development  • Advice on High Hedges and Hedgerow Regulations • Subsidence investigation • Utility Vegetation Management • Work Supervision. 


Heritage Tree Care Ltd. ISA Experts in Arboriculture | Professional Tree Surgeons in Cork & Kerry | Consultancy | Site Clearance | Skilled Pruning | Tree & Stump Removal | Firewood

arboricultural consultancy


In addition to our tree surgery services, Heritage Tree Care Ltd. offer a range of arboricultural consultancy services. Our tree consultancy services provide peace of mind to our customers about the safety and condition of a site’s trees, and also flag where potential issues might be found. For our clients we carry out an initial arboricultural survey and then develop a management plan for the future upkeep of the site. We advocate a proactive approach to a site’s maintenance, rather than reactive.

arboristic tree Risk & safety surveys

Landowners have a duty of care to maintain their trees and to ensure they are not in a dangerous or hazardous condition. It is adviable to get a formal inspection of trees, carried out by a qualified arboricultural porfessional - arborist, if your tree/s:

  1. Can be considered to present a particular potential hazard (such as large size, proximity to roads or buildings, frequent passage of visitors, leaning habit, exposed roots etc.)

  2. Are present in great numbers; or

  3. If they are displaying signs of ill health, such as loss or lack of foliage, exudates, pest infestations, decay hollows, cracks etc.


You may need to carry out tree risk and safety surveys. A tree safety survey by a professional arborist can assist in flagging up issues early on, so that action can be taken before any incidents occur.  The result can be a more cost-effective management cycle whereby the remedial treeworks are more focused, and over-pruning and tree loss does not occur. 


You can book Heritage Tree Care Ltd. for the following: 

  • Individual Tree Safety Inspections

  • Tree Risk Surveys

  • Tree Health & Condition Assessments

  • Road and Street Tree Surveys

subsidence investigation 


​Subsidence surveys will examine in great detail if trees pose a potential threat of damage to properties. They will examine:


  • The direct mechanical damage that trees and their roots can cause for example lifting a wall or paving slabs.

  • The indirect damage that can be caused by the uptake of large amounts of water from clay based soils that the property sits on. 

tree surveys for planning & development


Heritage Tree Care Ltd. can carry out tree surveys in accordance with BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction recommendations. These surveys are essential for the success of  any new planning application where trees are present. The surveys will provide information on all trees that may be affected by or will effect any new buildings. This will include trees that can be potentially removed and the protection trees may need if they are to be retained in the form of arboricultural impact assessments, tree protection plans and tree constraints plans​.

You can approach Heritage Tree Care for any of the following: 

  • Initial tree survey as requested by local planning authority

  • Arboricultural impact assessment

  • Arboricultural method statement

  • Tree constraints plan

  • Tree protection plan

  • Treeworks plan

  • Work supervision

high hedges & hedgerow regulation 


High Hedges and trees can sometimes cause disputes. Trees and high hedges are a common cause of neighbourly disputes in particular. Our team can advise on high hedges, trespassing branches and roots and your rights if a neighbour’s tree is suspected to be causing damage to your home.

plant health


If you need to carry out tree assessments to identify the causes of tree ill-health, decline and/or poor development Heritage Tree Care Ltd. can help. Most often visible symptoms originate below ground in the fibrous root system. Consequently some problems may be simple to identify or can require further investigation. After assessment we can discuss various treatments to improve tree vitality and restore normal tree growth; whether it be via improving site conditions or through targeted pruning. 

arborist Supervision


Arborist supervision is often required on construction sites. To protect trees, marked for retention, we will oversee the application of protective fencing and provide continued assessment and advise on tree health throughout the project.

Where tree surgery works are being carried out Heritage Tree Care can provide a supervisory role to ensure on-site safety, a high standard of work and pruning quality audits. 

Utility Vegetation Management


Pre-emptive management practices can avoid conflicts with utility infrastructure, such as electricity supply, railway lines, roads, and internet service cables. Heritage Tree Care can carry out detailed assessments along networks identifying tree species, hazardous trees, potential hotspots for branch failure and total tree failure. You might then need a works schedule to mitigate the identified hazards. The extent of work to be carried out will be decided after leasing with relevant landowners.

woodland Management

You may be interested in woodland management plans which can help ensure the sustainable development of the woodland. These provide a strategy for the landowner to conserve, restore and expand their woodland structure


Our Woodland Management plans will:


  • Establish site boundaries via providence of a map or aerial photograph. 

  • Evaluate woodland sites- species composition, age structure, key woodland characteristics etc. Identify potential threats

  • Suggest mitigation strategies to put in place. 

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