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An Arboricultural Impact assessment (AIA) is required for when development or construction  is planned on a site with trees. An AIA (in accordance with the British Standard ‘BS5837:2012) is a key part of the planning application, that will detail, in-depth, the impact that the proposed development will have on the trees on-site.  


If Cork or Kerry Councils have requested you to get a tree survey for your planning application, then it means that you most likely require an Arboricultural Impact assessment (AIA). An AIA is a report that identifies trees to removed and those to be retained. It will consider statutory and non-statutory designations, and assess the potential impact of the proposed development upon the trees on-site. An  AIA will also identify and highlight the potential conflicts between retained trees and the planned developments, and calculate major and minor RPA incursions/ encroachments. The AIA will advise appropriated measures by which to reduce or mitigate any risk to both the trees and persons on-site.

Included within a complete Heritage Tree Care Ltd. Arboricultural Impact Assessment are:

1. A  BS 5837:2012 Tree Survey and Work Schedule

2. A Tree Clearance Plan (if required)

3. A Tree Constraints Plan

4. An AIA Tree Report


Once Planning has been approved you will require an Arboricultural Method Statement and a Tree Protection Plan, which will be used as reference documents by personnel on Site to ensure the safety of the area’s trees- before, during and after any construction activities take place. 

All of our reports are written and reviewed by appropriately qualified arborists in accordance with BS 5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction- Recommendations


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