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Heritage Tree Care Ltd. are often requested to carry out climbing surveys for ecological reasons. The most prolific ecology climbing survey we conduct are Tree Climbing Bat Roost Surveys, or ‘Tree Potential Roost Feature (PRF) Inspection Surveys’. These are most often required prior to demolition/construction works, on sites that have trees exhibiting potential roost features. Tree Climbing Bat Roost Surveys will always be required prior to any works being carried out on these trees.

Bats are a protected species. As such any tree that may (or may not) be their home, needs to be protected. PRF inspection surveys determine whether bats are present or not, and the suitability of the tree to house a roost. The surveys themselves involve a minimum of 2 suitably qualified arborists and ecologist/s ascending a tree via rope access techniques. The PRFs are then inspected with an endoscope under site-specific licence, in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) Survey Guidelines.

All of our reports are written and reviewed by appropriately qualified arborists in accordance with

BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction- Recommendations


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