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Running out of firewood and need to re-stock? We have firewood available for sale.

You can buy split, seasoned air-dried logs perfect for burning indoors and outdoors. Our seasoned logs are sold by the approximate cubic metre. You will get good quality logs, mainly hardwood but generally including some softwoods. The logs can be distributed in bags, or can be tipped or unloaded when and where required. 



Firewood for sale - Tree company Cork

Firewood FOR SALE in cork


All our logs are converted from lengths of timber which come from our tree surgery operations

When the removal of a tree is required, we carry out our work with the utmost commitment to the environment. All of the waste produced in the removal of a tree is recycled and, where possible, retained by the customer and reused as firewood or stacked as ecopiles.


If neither of these are possible, we take the wood away and split it into logs. These logs, usually between 10 and 12 inches in size, are stacked and stored under cover for a period up to 2 years until they are fully seasoned. 


It is important to season the logs as the water in the timber has to evaporate away before the wood will burn. A well-seasoned log can release around twice the energy value of unseasoned logs. We use a moisture reader to ensure that the logs are ready before we offer them for sale.

These fully seasoned logs are then sold by the cubic metre locally. There is no additional delivery charge for anyone within the local area.

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