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Firewood for sale - Tree company Cork

Seasoned air-dried hard & softwood logs delivered to your door, all year round.  

Mulching Cork - Tree Service

Improve your garden with good quality wood chip.  Prices from €20.


Sawmill near me - Timber Mill Cork

Turning felled trees into beautiful live-wood planks for you to use.

Split Firewood

Firewood For Sale Cork

logs for sale

Firewood For Sale Kerry

Split Firewood

Hardwood and Softwood logs for sale, delivered by bag or truckload

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

Running out of firewood and need to re-stock? We have firewood available for sale.

You can buy split, seasoned air-dried hardwood and softwood logs perfect for burning indoors and outdoors. Our seasoned logs are sold by the approximate cubic metre.

The logs can be distributed in bags, or can be tipped or unloaded when and where required. 

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Log-splitting and log-stacking in the Heritage Tree Care Ltd. yard

Eco-friendly Logs for sale in Cork & Kerry

At Heritage Tree Care Ltd., we offer a sustainable solution to wood waste produced from our extensive tree surgery operations. We ensure that all waste is retained or reused whenever possible, demonstrating our commitment to environmental consciousness. Our beautifully dried soft and hardwood logs are a testament to this.

After a tree has been felled, we give our clients the option of keeping the wood. If they choose to keep it, we cut it into 12 inch rounds and stack it for their own use. If not, we transport it back to our yard and split it into logs.

To create high-quality burnable logs, we air or kiln dry the freshly split logs to evaporate the water content. These well-seasoned logs are stored and ready for sale during the cold winter months and can release twice the energy value of unseasoned logs.

We offer delivery of logs by the tonne-bag or truckload, with no additional delivery charge for local orders.


Contact us today to place your order and discuss your specific needs. We provide logs to local businesses and homeowners. 


As our stock is in high demand, it's best to order before winter sets in.

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