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Site-clearance is the removal of trees or shrubs on sites for to facilitate proposed developments. Heritage Tree Care Ltd. specialise in all aspects of site-clearance; whether it be for smaller domestic properties or for large-scale clearance duties for commercial projects.


Removal of trees - Site Clearance Cork

Removal of trees - SITE CLEARANCE

If you employ Heritage Tree Care Ltd. you will benefit from the best technology and equipment on the Irish market. We have a fleet of specialist machinery and equipment that can clear sites efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. Our Forestry Mulchers, long-reach Excavators (up to 25t), robotic Mowers, Tree-shears, Wood-chippers, Shredders and Flails can work on any terrain. They will prepare tough terrains, such a woodland areas, uneven ground, overgrown areas and even steep-incline slopes  ready for landscaping. 


Currently, our commercial projects include partial and full management of vegetation on roads, motorways and highways; and maintenance programs for colleges, business parks, factory sites and construction firms. 


It is advised that our team conduct a site-visit prior to any work being carried out. This may require the production of a full tree-survey and a tree-clearance plan. These plans given written detailed advice as to how to commence with the proposed works, safely and in accordance to appropriated British Standards

Site-visits allow is to calculate our quotation accurately and will enable us to select the appropriate machinery and method by which to tackle your site. 

Please note, you can hire our tree surgeons and/or our machinery on a price for a day or a full project depending on your requirements.

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