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Tree Removal Service Cork

Any tree. Any size. Any where. Prices start from €150


Lantra awarded rigging experts. For trees in tight confined spaces.

Tree pruning - Tree surgeon Cork

Arborists you can actually trust to look after your trees


Hedge trimming Cork

Precise, clean hedging for homes and commercial property.  Prices start from €100.


Removal of trees - Site Clearance Cork

Excavation, clearance and removal on any terrain in any location. 


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Planting, mulch & turf laying, fencing, trimming & edging. From €30p/h


 Tag, map, classify, prop, prune or brace- to save our ancient trees


Installation of dynamic support systems to prevent limb failure


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Any location, any size. Stump removal via grinding or eco-plugging.

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Right tree, right place. We can help you buy and plant shrubs & trees. 

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

At Heritage Tree Care Ltd., we take pride in our experienced climbers' advanced skills and professional expertise, which allow us to specialize in some of the most demanding aspects of tree surgery:

• Large & Dangerous Trees

• Trees in tight-confined spaces

• Aerial Services  

• Lightning Protection Systems.

aerial tree services heritage tree care ltd.
Split Firewood

Trees in Tight Spaces Cork 

Specialist Tree Care

Tree Bracing Kerry

Split Firewood

Worried about that large & dangerous tree over your house? 

20 years international experience carrying out specialist tree work 

Large & Dangerous Trees

Our team of climbers boasts extensive experience working with some of the world's largest trees in locations such as New Zealand, Tasmania and California. This exposure has honed their skills in navigating perilous trees, which includes technical rigging, gauging the tree's strength and providing adequate support to execute the task. 

It's not always necessary to remove every compromised tree. Our approach to assessing tree risk follows the ISA 'TRAQ' risk matrix, where the degree of danger is relative to its target.


We follow strict tree-risk guidelines and will discuss the details with you while creating a work-plan for your trees. Examples of hazardous or damaged tree work that we undertake are:

  • Removing trees that have fallen or partially collapsed onto other trees or neighboring properties. Trees can fall due to many factors, including poor anchorage, heartwood decay, or strong wind. Removing damaged or diseased trees is risky and requires specialized expertise.

  • Reducing or cabling bifurcated trees. Trees with co-dominant leaders, weak unions, or splits pose a danger to people and adjacent property due to a high risk of further splitting. Our arborists can undertake targeted pruning and construct intricate cabling systems to bolster the tree's structural integrity and ensure its future stability.

Trees in confined spaces

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. specializes in performing tree work in tight spaces. Technical rigging expertise is required to safely drop branches or sections from elevated positions into small areas. We are Lantra Certified rigging experts. 


Our highly skilled arborists excel in mitigating risk and avoiding damage.

Aerial Assistance

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. utilizes aerial assistance, such as hoists, cranes, and helicopters, to remove inaccessible or too-large trees safely and efficiently.


Skilled climbers and groundsmen work closely with crane operators to minimize disturbance on the ground. Aerial assistance is necessary for tree thinning in forest areas, inaccessible gardens or properties, and dangerous or diseased trees.


Our company considers topography and potential road closures to determine the most cost-effective aerial method for each project.

MEWP aided tree work due to restricted access in Midleton, Co. Cork. 

Bracing Systems

Professional arborists can install bracing systems, such as steel cables, bolts, and braces, to support weak or damaged trees and reduce stress on weak points.


Bracing systems can interfere with natural growth patterns, so it's best to consult with an expert before installing them. Cobra-bracing, a non-invasive technique that uses flexible straps to support vulnerable branches, is an effective alternative to traditional bracing systems that can damage a tree's bark.

lightning protection 

Lightning strikes thousands of forest trees annually, causing damage to nearby structures, people, and animals. Unprotected trees may be hit, with lightning traveling down their stem and potentially jumping to more conductive objects. When lightning exits unprotected trees, it can create a deadly "step-voltage" for those in the root-zone.


Lightning protection systems can prevent damage by providing an alternate path to the ground. Taller trees in open areas or near water, streets, hills, buildings, historic sites, economic value, or recreational areas are the most likely candidates for lightning protection.

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. follows ANSI A300 (Part 4) 2002, Lightning Protection Systems & ISA's Best Management Practices, when installing lightning protection systems. 

Recent crane job, lifting 2.5 tonne Grey Poplar sections, in Blackrock, Co. Cork. 

Zip-line rigging removal of Sycamore

in Rochestown, Co. Cork

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