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Would you like unsafe, unsightly stumps removed from your property? Are you looking for a reliable tree  stump removal company who can remove them quickly and promptly, and leave  the site clean and tidy?

Our tree surgery teams are experienced in all of the stump removal methods explained below. We will happily take you through your options on our initial site visit. If you’d like to know more about our methods and how we can help use, please call us today or contact us through this website.​ 

Tree Stump removal and stump grinding


It is often necessary and convenient to remove a stump once a tree has been dismantled. This can be to allow for construction work, for replanting, or simply because the stump is unsightly or presents a hazard in a lawn or on a drive. We work with our clients to create an agreed plan of action based upon their wishes for the site. This factors in the expected future uses of the site and also the relevant advantages and disadvantages of stump retention. There are a variety of methods used for removing a tree stump.

Stump Grinding Cork


Stump grinding is used when the stump needs to be ground down to below the ground surface. This is done with a stump grinder, a specialist piece of machinery. The machine grinds down the main bole of the stump, producing grindings in the process. We leave the grindings in-situ to rot down. Initially the grindings will sit proud of the hole, but as the organic matter decomposes, these will sink and typically leave a level surface. We do also offer an additional service of grinding removal.

We have our own garden friendly stump-grinders which will tackle most stumps, turning them to sawdust. The sawdust can be left to fill in the hole, used as mulch in other areas of the garden, or we can take it away- it is your choice! We use a winch to pull out smaller tree stumps. Our small grinder enables us to grind stumps in areas with very limited access; and our larger machinery is used for oversize stumps or multiple-stump removal in one go.

Shallow grinding, 20-25cm (8-10in), is normally sufficient for laying turf, but we recommend you allow around 30cm (12in), or more if replanting or landscaping.


Tree Stump Treatment


Stump treatment is the process of applying a glyphosate based weedkiller to kill a stump. This stops any future growth. This is generally completed instead of physically removing the stump, as the stump will decompose over time. Some species will not need this treatment as they will not regrow from a stump anyway.

Digging Out Stumps


Smaller stumps can sometimes be dug out too. This is a manual process which results in some of the roots being removed as well as the stump. This is only possible on stumps of particular sizes and is generally used where there is no access for a stump grinder.

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