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Tree Removal Service Cork

Any tree. Any size. Any where. Prices start from €150


Tree rigging

Lantra awarded rigging experts. For trees in tight confined spaces.

Tree pruning - Tree surgeon Cork

Arborists you can actually trust to look after your trees


Hedge trimming Cork

Precise, clean hedging for homes and commercial property.  Prices start from €100.


Removal of trees - Site Clearance Cork

Excavation, clearance and removal on any terrain in any location. 


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Planting, mulch & turf laying, fencing, trimming & edging. From €30p/h



 Tag, map, classify, prop, prune or brace- to save our ancient trees


Installation of dynamic support systems to prevent limb failure


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Any location, any size. Stump removal via grinding or eco-plugging.

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Right tree, right place. We can help you buy and plant shrubs & trees. 

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

Having tree stumps on your property can be a nuisance, as they can be unsightly and pose a hazard.

Our experienced team is well-versed in all stump removal methods, which we can explain to you upon request. To learn more about our services, please contact us or give us a call today.

Split Firewood

Stump Grinding in Cork

Tree Stump Removal

Stump Grinding in Kerry

Split Firewood

Do you have some unsightly stumps?


At Heritage Tree Care Ltd., we recognize that our clients may require stump removal for various reasons such as construction, replanting, or improving their property's appearance.


Our team is equipped with specialized machinery capable of removing any tree stump, regardless of its size, location, or quantity, and bringing it below ground level. Whether it's a small domestic property or a large commercial site, we can efficiently carry out stump-grinding.


Our collection of garden-friendly stump-grinders caters to all stump removal needs.


With our small grinders, we can remove stumps in cramped areas with limited accessibility. These machines can go through narrow gateways and remove stumps leaning against walls. On the other hand, our large stump-grinders can remove bigger tree stumps, multi-stemmed stumps, and even several stumps in a single attempt.

We prioritize discussing your future plans for the site and assisting you in selecting the best course of action to remove the stumps effectively.


Stump-grinders operate by grinding the main stem of a stump, resulting in sawdust-like particles known as "grindings". Depending on your requirements, stumps can be ground down to ground level, shallow-ground down to 20-25cm below ground level (perfect for laying turf), or deep-ground down to 30cm below ground level (ideal for landscaping or re-planting).

We recommend leaving the grindings to decompose naturally within the created hole as they transform into high-quality organic mulch, which is beneficial for your soil.


If the physical removal of a stump, or stump-grinding isn’t an option, stumps can be removed using Chemical Stump Treatment.  Heritage Tree Care Ltd use Eco-plugs- small plugs which are hammered into the stump and release 300mg of granular glyphosate herbicide into the main stem.


The Eco-plugs stop future growth by killing the stump and forcing it to decompose. Eco-plugs are an extremely safe and localised way of applying herbicides. They will not poison the ground around the stump. 

Please note, that Eco-plugs meet the requirements of the Irish Water Framework Directive, and Irish Sustainable Use Directives, which minimise herbicidal use and prevent waterway contamination. 

Removing multiple hawthorn stumps

in Mallow, Co. Cork

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