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Tree stumps can often by a nuisance, unsightly or a hazardous obstacle on your property. Often our clients require stump removal because it is necessary for construction, re-planting, or simply for aesthetic benefit.


With our specialist machinery, Heritage Tree Care Ltd. can remove any tree stump to below ground level. No matter its location - no matter how many - no matter the size.


We will happily discuss the expected future use of your site, and based on your wishes, we will take you through your options to formulate an agreed plan of action that will effectively remove your tree stumps. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, please call us or contact us today. 


Our team are experienced in the varied of the stump removal methods explained below:

Tree Stump removal and stump grinding


Stump-grinders work by grinding out the main stem of a stump, leaving sawdust-like ‘grindings’. Stumps can be ground down to ground level; they can be shallow-ground down to 20-25cm below ground level (which is ideal for laying turf); or they can be deep-ground down to 30cm below ground level (for landscaping or re-planting purposes). It is advised that the grindings are left to mulch down within the hole created, as it produces wonderful organic mulch when it decomposes. 

Stump Grinding Cork


We are as equally able to carry out stump-grinding on small domestic properties, as we are on large site-clearance areas for commercial clients.


We have a wide range of garden-friendly stump-grinders. Our small grinders enable us to remove stumps in confined areas with limited access. For example, they can get through narrow gateways or remove stumps leaning against walls. Our large stump-grinders enable us to remove the larger tree stumps, multi-stemmed stumps and even multiple stumps- all in one go. 

Chemical StUmp Treatment


If the physical removal of a stump, or stump-grinding isn’t an option, stumps can be removed using Chemical Stump Treatment.  Heritage Tree Care Ltd use Eco-plugs- small plugs which are hammered into the stump and release 300mg of granular glyphosate herbicide into the main stem. The Eco-plugs stop future growth by killing the stump and forcing it to decompose. Eco-plugs are an extremely safe and localised way of applying herbicides. They will not poison the ground around the stump. 

Please note, that Eco-plugs meet the requirements of the Irish Water Framework Directive, and Irish Sustainable Use Directives, which minimise herbicidal use and prevent waterway contamination. 

Manual Removal


If the tree stump is small, and for some very rare reason the stump cannot be ground out or chemically treated; then the stump can be dug out by hand. Manual removal often results in removing some of the roots and the trunk, and if far less time-efficient than the mechanised removal methods. 

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