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You will like to hear that we have an Alaskan saw-mill which means that the trees we fell, and the beautiful wood they are made up of, do not go to waste. Our mill is portable, so we can mill timber on-site, anywhere​. Our timber milling services ensure you get good quality, low value timber to use for your own purposes. 

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Turn your tree into timber


Chainsaw mills, also called Alaskan sawmills, are an easy and in-expensive way to turn fallen trees into useable timber. This handy device allows us to use our chainsaw to cut clean, even beams or planks from logs. Because of its portable nature, we can easily bring a chainsaw mill out to your fallen tree—saving you the hassle of moving a huge, unwieldy log. 

Our Alaskan saw-mill is equipped with a ripping blade, a special chain designed for cutting parallel to the wood grain. It has the maximum cutting capacity available, which means we can tackle even the widest of logs, and cut boards between ½-inch and 13 inches deep. 

In almost all cases the converted timber will need to be seasoned and stored correctly. If the wood’s final destination is indoors, the timber will require kiln drying. 

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