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Heritage Tree Care Ltd. offer a range of tree planting services ad tree transplanting services. 

We also provide planting specifications detailing standard and procedures for planting trees in a landscape. 


If you are considering removing a tree, we would encourage you to think about planting one in its place. Contact our arbor tree service for a consultation. 

Tree Planting - Tree Care Cork

Tree & Plant Selection 

It is vital to always plant the right tree in the right place. If a trees requirements does match its site conditions, even the best planting and pruning practices will not save it. The plant selection will ultimately influence the initial survival and long-term performance of the tree. To minimize the risk of tree loss and increase tree health and longevity a detailed site assessment is recommended. 

What to look our for when purchasing a tree: 

  • Assess your whole tree from root to tip! Make sure it is healthy and vigourous. 

  • Make sure the stem has no wounds or vascular decay.

  • Make sure the trunk flare isn’t burned within the rootball. 

  • Does your tree have a good branching structure? 

  • Make sure there are no co-dominant stems, included bark or weak unions (these will mean big money spent on corrective maintenance down the line)

  • The condition of the rootball will greatly impact the trees water absorption capacity, so no matter if the tree is of bare-root, balled & burlapped, containerised or container-grown stock, make absolutely sure that the roots are alive, healthy and not encircling the stem. 

  • All trees need to have a plant passport where applicable, as biosecurity is important in limiting the spread of disease. Find out more about how to choose and buy high quality trees.


Heritage Tree Care Ltd. have long standing relationships with a number of local reputed nurseries across Cork and Kerry Counties. We also work with specialist growers of large trees in Limerick and West Cork. We can advise on the planting of ‘instant’ hedges or specimen trees and can help you decide which specific species would be most appropriate for your space and soil type. 

It is not advisable to replace a dead tree with a tree of the same species. It may get infected with the same disease. Best to be diverse and plant a different species.

Tree planting

We follow Irish Standards when planting trees to ensure that they are planted correctly. This means planting at the correct depth, mulching the surrounding area, staking them and providing protection against grazing animals. This approach gives the trees the best chance of succeeding.

When planting new trees, it’s very important to keep the trees well-watered. We offer an irrigation system installation service to assist in this. Young trees can also benefit from formative pruning to encourage them to grow in a strong and healthy form. This can reduce problems and expense as the tree grows.



Transplanting is simply the process of digging out a tee (carefully, making sure not to damage the root structure) and relocating and replant it to where our client requests. The reasons for transplanting are many. You may have a beautiful tree in the wrong location, or perhaps you may be moving house and wanting to take a sentimental tree with you.

Transplanting considerations must be discussed prior to any work commencing. Transplanting can damage the absorbing roots of trees, so it is important to note that some trees have a higher tolerance to being moved than others. A trees ability to be transplanted is also decided by the time of year it is moved. It is best to transplant after before bud break and leaf-drop, when the tree is dormant.

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. offer a comprehensive transplanting service, that not only digs, relocates and re-plants, but also provides an aftercare maintenance schedule to ensure that your trees survive and thrive for many years to come.

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