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A Tree Retention/Removal Plan or 'Tree Clearance Plan' is an annotated CAD diagram of the proposed site, and the accurate location of the trees which require removal to facilitate its development. Heritage Tree Care Ltd. Consultancy produce these in .dwg and .pdf format documents to accompany BS5837:2012 Tree Survey and Tree Clearance Surveys.  


Tree Clearance Plans are often requested before Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Tree Constraints Plans, as they give the Developer/ Landowner/ Architect exact calculations of how many trees require removal. If the current design impacts too many trees, then this preliminary survey enables architects to alter their plans at an early design stage, ultimately benefitting a smooth planning application process.   

All of our reports are written and reviewed by appropriately qualified arborists in accordance with BS 5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction- Recommendations


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