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Tree Removal Service Cork

Any tree. Any size. Any where. Prices start from €150


Lantra awarded rigging experts. For trees in tight confined spaces.

Tree pruning - Tree surgeon Cork

Arborists you can actually trust to look after your trees


Hedge trimming Cork

Precise, clean hedging for homes and commercial property.  Prices start from €100.


Removal of trees - Site Clearance Cork

Excavation, clearance and removal on any terrain in any location. 


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Planting, mulch & turf laying, fencing, trimming & edging. From €30p/h


 Tag, map, classify, prop, prune or brace- to save our ancient trees


Installation of dynamic support systems to prevent limb failure


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Any location, any size. Stump removal via grinding or eco-plugging.

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Right tree, right place. We can help you buy and plant shrubs & trees. 

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

If you are considering removing a tree, we would encourage you to think about planting one in its place. Contact our arbor tree service for a consultation.

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. offer a range of tree planting services and tree transplanting services. 

We also provide planting specifications detailing standard and procedures for planting trees in a landscape. 

Split Firewood

Tree Planting Cork

Tree PLAnting

Tree Planting Kerry

Split Firewood

Would you like some trees planted but don't know where to start?

Tree planting using different tree stock

right tree- right place!

To enjoy the long-term benefits of planting a tree, it's crucial to match the tree species to the landscape to ensure it thrives.


Key factors to consider include soil conditions, light levels, water availability, growing space, and climate. Even a minor mismatch in any of these factors can affect a tree's health. Proper matching can also reduce maintenance costs by preventing pests and disease.


We recommend a site analysis to assess conditions and guide plant selection. A tip to remember is to avoid replanting the same species if a tree dies, as it may contract the same disease.

how to choose a good tree

When selecting a tree for your landscape, choose a vigorous plant with good shoot growth, vertical and radial branch spacing, and a visible trunk flare. Ensure foliage is evenly distributed, and check the rootball for any signs of health issues.


Avoid co-dominant stems, included bark, mechanical damage, and circling or kinked roots.  


Always look for a plant passport for biosecurity reasons. Heritage Tree Care Ltd. works with reputed nurseries in Cork, Kerry, Limerick, and West Cork.

installation & establishment

To ensure proper tree planting, we follow Irish Standards and best practice guidelines.


The processes of correct planting include: Digging the right-sized hole based on soil type, placing the tree carefully with the trunk flare no deeper than the soil grade, backfilling with the same soil, adding water to minimize air pockets, and slightly tamping down the backfill.


Regular watering and formative pruning can aid in young tree development and prevent costly fixes in the future.

transplanting trees

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. offers a complete transplanting service that involves carefully digging out trees and relocating them to a desired location without damaging their root structure.


Our transplanting methods are in line with ISA and British Standard guidelines, and we provide a comprehensive aftercare maintenance plan to ensure the survival and growth of your trees for years to come.

Transplanting can be challenging, as it can remove up to 90% of the tree's absorbing roots, making trees with low transplant tolerance vulnerable. Therefore, we use appropriate methods at the right time of year to minimize stress on the tree. Generally, the best time to transplant most tree species is in early spring (before bud break) or autumn (after leaf drop) when the tree is dormant and the soil is moist. This allows the tree roots to establish before the ground freezes in winter, and reduces the demand on soil moisture.

Before commencing any work, Heritage Tree Care Ltd. will assess the site and tree, and discuss all the necessary transplanting considerations with you.

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