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Tree Removal Service Cork

Any tree. Any size. Any where. Prices start from €150


Tree rigging

Lantra awarded rigging experts. For trees in tight confined spaces.

Tree pruning - Tree surgeon Cork

Arborists you can actually trust to look after your trees


Hedge trimming Cork

Precise, clean hedging for homes and commercial property.  Prices start from €100.


Removal of trees - Site Clearance Cork

Excavation, clearance and removal on any terrain in any location. 


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Planting, mulch & turf laying, fencing, trimming & edging. From €30p/h



 Tag, map, classify, prop, prune or brace- to save our ancient trees


Installation of dynamic support systems to prevent limb failure


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Any location, any size. Stump removal via grinding or eco-plugging.

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Right tree, right place. We can help you buy and plant shrubs & trees. 

Split Firewood

Tree Pruning Cork 

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Kerry

Split Firewood

Trees are living things.

We treat them as such. 

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

Improper pruning can permanently damage your trees. The ‘lopping', 'hacking' or 'topping’ of trees causes irreversible unsightly damage. It is worth employing a tree company that is fully qualified and understands the complex biological needs of your trees. 

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. only employ fully qualified arborists that are able to undertake safe pruning practices, that will not only benefit your trees health, but will optimise its structure and overall aesthetic beauty. 


Formative or structural pruning

Formative pruning involves the selective removal of young trees, typically between 5-10 years old, as a technical practice to "train" them during their early stages of development. This promotes good tree structure, influences crown shape and size, enhances appearance, and encourages long-term serviceability in the landscape. Addressing problems during this stage is easier than managing them later when they are more difficult to handle.

Structural pruning, on the other hand, eliminates defects in trees, thereby reducing their potential for failure when they mature and requiring less maintenance as they age. These factors are particularly crucial when the tree is located in close proximity to people or property.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the best way to reduce the size of your tree while maintaining its natural form.


Heritage Tree Care Ltd. can help with this, whether it's for utility line clearance or to improve your view. However, it's important not to reduce the crown too much as it can kill the tree or encourage excessive regrowth.


Our process removes or shortens branches while shaping the crown, achieving an aesthetically pleasing result that reduces the tree's size while retaining its main framework and leaf structure.

Crown Raising

Crown raising is a commonly requested pruning service for public areas, parks, construction sites, and gardens. It involves removing lower branches to create space and raise the tree canopy by 2.5m. This improves visibility, allows for vehicle and pedestrian clearance, and creates a neat appearance.


At Heritage Tree Care Ltd., we avoid excessive removal of lower limbs to maintain trunk taper and structural stability. It's important to note that trees that are not regularly pruned can block access to fire escapes and cause property damage. If you are worried about your tree/s, then contact us today. 

Examples of recent pruning work

risk management of deadwood

The risk-management of deadwood, also known as 'crown cleaning' is the selective removal of dead, diseased, broken or weakly attached branches from a tree crown. 


This 'deadwood'' often poses unacceptable risk to people or property. This process is the most common pruning technique for landscape trees, and  is carried out with focused regard to deadwood habitats. As with all other pruning practices, regular pruning should be carried out so that small problems can be corrected before they become large problems. 

crown thinning

Crown-thinning involves selective branch removal to increase light and air penetration through the crown, improving tree health and reducing the risk of damage in strong winds.


This popular pruning technique maintains the tree's shape and beauty while reducing its density and "sail". Heritage Tree Care Ltd. arborists use precise cuts to remove crossing interior branches, resulting in even foliage density and a well-spaced branch structure. Crown-thinning does not decrease the overall size of the tree.

Our Process

If you need tree services and would like  a quote, contact us and we'll visit your site to inspect the trees and access routes.


After discussing your desired outcome and tree health, we'll propose a tree management strategy and provide a free comprehensive quote.


Once you agree to the work, we'll schedule a convenient date and communicate with you to ensure satisfaction.

Example of our crown thinning

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