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Do you mulch your garden? What about your trees and shrubs? If not, you are creating more work for yourself and making it harder for your plants to thrive. Mulching, using proper mulching techniques, can save you time, improve your land, and help you make the living world around you come alive. Improve your garden with our good quality organic wood-chip

We can provide and efficiently spread our organic wood-chip mulch on anything, from garden beds to large-scale park projects.  


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where do we get our WOOd-CHIP mulch?


We recycle our wood-chip! Our wood-chippers process all smaller material to form 'whole-tree wood chip'. This includes branches, leaves, twigs, bark and buds. The wood-chip is stored in heaped piles in our yard and regularly moved to encourage its natural breakdown.

Our organic wood chip, from conifer timber especially, is far more durable and full of nutrients than chipped pallets or sawdust from timber mills.  Its increased durability means it lasts far longer when compared those carbon-rich mulches, and thus is a far more cost effective option for you and your trees. 

the benefits of mulching


Wood-chip mulch is customarily spread in an even layer across the top of soil beds.Mulching with organic materials adds organic content to your soils. This provides essential nutrients, 

feeding the soil life. The addition of organic content also reduces evaporation, helping soil retain water without becoming water logged. Plus, mulch suppresses weed growth, saving you (and your plants) time and energy while you’re waiting for them to mature. Woodchip mulch will give a smart, clean look to your soil beds. 

You may already be aware of the fact that the use of well rotted wood-chip mulch helps increase soil fertility; the use of fresher wood-chip mulch helps impede the growth of weeds on beds; and the use of the freshest woodchip helps to deter weed growth on pathways.

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