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You can rest assured that our tree surgery teams are experienced in all of the removal methods explained below. We will happily take you through your options on our initial site visit. If you’d like to know more about these methods and how we can help you, please call us today or contact us through this website.



Tree Removal Service Cork

When do we remove trees?


Although we strive to keep trees wherever possible, when the need arises we remove trees safely and efficiently. Trees need removing for a number of reasons; they may be dead, dangerous or simply in the wrong place.


There are two approaches that can be taken to tree felling, and these are dependent on the space available. The space available is determined by the potential damage caused to other people and property by the tree coming down.


Two approaches to tree removal


Where there is sufficient space – directional tree felling is used. This is where a tree is felled from the ground, and brought down in one go. Our team will then carefully dismantle the tree. All brushwood will then be chipped and timber retained or taken away as desired.

In locations where there isn’t sufficient room for the tree to use directional felling, a tree can be taken down piece by piece. Our tree surgeons access the canopy using a rope and harness. From here, they are able to dismantle the tree by accurately dropping a section at a time. Branches can be lowered in a controlled manner where there is a risk of causing damage. The cut off pieces are dropped into a specific safe area – away from buildings or people. In some instances, it may be necessary to use ropes to lower the tree one section at a time


tree removal Process


Heritage Tree Care Ltd. are highly skilled at tree felling. Our teams have worked in a wide number of sites – both corporate and domestic. We will assess your needs in an initial site visit, and then complete a risk assessment. You can avail of a planning application service, for any permissions needed. On the day of the removal, we will complete a further risk assessment and put into place control measures to reduce the risk of harm to people or property.

As standard, all waste is removed from site. By prior arrangement, wood can be left in suitable sizes for wood burners, open fires or as eco piles. We also offer a range of stump removal services.

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