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Do you require tree removal but are scared of unprofessional companies damaging your property? Heritage Tree Care Ltd. are fully qualified, fully insured and experienced in all of the removal methods explained below. We carry out tree felling and tree removal across Cork & Kerry. 


Our team work on a wide number of sites – both corporate and domestic. We will assess your needs in an initial site visit,  complete a risk assessment and provide a free quotation.

Get in touch today and we will happily take you through your options on our initial site visit. 



Tree Removal Service Cork

Tree & Waste Removal 


We strive to preserve trees wherever possible, however some trees may be dead, dangerous or simply in the wrong place. Your tree may be blocking your view, its roots may be lifting our foundations, whatever the reason, our experience team are trained to fell and remove trees safely and efficiently.

Before beginning any removal operation, the team will consider the site, the tree's condition, and any impacting obstacles, terrain or directional wind-funnelling that may affect the procedures used. A work-plan will then be formulated to mitigate any risk to persons or property on-site. 

As a standard, all waste is removed from site. To reduce the price of your quotation you can request for the foliage not to be chipped, or the timber to be cut into manageable lengths and left on site. By prior arrangement, wood can be left in suitable sizes for wood burners, open fires or as eco piles. We also offer a range of stump removal services.


Directional tree felling


Directional tree felling is carried out when there is sufficient space. Direction tree felling cuts a notches and back-cuts in the tree at a safe-distance from ground level, and the tree is felled in one go. Our team will then carefully dismantle the tree. All foliage will then be chipped and timber retained or taken away as desired.

Sectional tree felling

Where there is not enough space to fell a complete tree, the tree will be dismantled by sectional removal. This is when the tree is taken down piece by piece. Our tree surgeons climb into canopy using a rope and harness, and accurately drop each section of the tree, in a specific area, one section at a time. If the tree work is being carried out in a confined space, often sections and limbs are lowered in a controlled manner, via technical rigging, to mitigate the risk of damage.

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