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Highly skilled arborists don't grow on trees, employ a team you can trust.

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. ISA Experts in Arboriculture | Professional Tree Surgeons in Cork & Kerry | Consultancy | Site Clearance | Skilled Pruning | Tree & Stump Removal | Firewood

Work smart. Work safe.

Fully insured. 

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Want an adrenalin-fuelled career caring for Ireland's beautiful trees?

Check out what our crew are up to today.

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How can we Help?

At Heritage Tree Care Ltd., our team of experts comprises ISA Certified Arborists® and Lantra-awarded Tree Inspectors and Rigging Experts.


With a cumulative experience of over 25 years working on tree care internationally, we have established ourselves as the foremost authority on the subject in Cork and Kerry.


Read on to learn more about our in-house expertise and credentials.

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As the Company Director of Heritage Tree Care Ltd., Ben Mullen leads our team and is the man you will meet when you require a quote.


With 10 years of experience working in Australia and New Zealand, he has gained exceptional skills and knowledge in arboriculture, having taught and climbed with some of the best climbers on the highest trees in the world.

Ben is widely respected in the field and is known for his kindness, calm demeanor, hard-working attitude and unmatched expertise in all aspects of tree surgery.

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Qualified Tree Surgeons Cork


Qualified Tree Surgeons Kerry

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Employ people who are capable of doing the job & more importantly- doing it well. 

 CIty & Guilds (NPTC) Tree SUrgeon

City and Guilds NPTC offers arboriculture qualifications, including the Tree Surgeon certification, which combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills such as tree biology, pruning, felling, and chainsaw use. The certification requires candidates to undergo training and assessments to enhance professional credibility and job prospects. 

LaNtra (CRE)  Rigging Expert

The Lantra Certified Rigging Expert (CRE) qualification is a certification program that trains individuals in the safe and efficient rigging of trees, logs, and other materials. The program covers various rigging techniques, including risk assessment, communication, and teamwork. To achieve the certification, candidates must pass written and practical exams. Holding a Lantra CRE certification enhances professional credibility.

Certificate III

The Certificate III in Arboriculture signifies the mastery of skills and knowledge essential for a career as an arborist. The program covers a range of topics including tree care and management, pruning, felling, stump removal, equipment use, and workplace safety, and is delivered through practical, hands-on training. The qualification is nationally recognized and highly regarded within the arboriculture and horticulture sectors.

Level 3 Health & Safety

Health and safety level 3 in the workplace training provides managers with advanced knowledge and skills in health and safety management. It covers a wide range of topics related to workplace safety, including risk assessment, hazard identification, safety regulations, and emergency procedures.

Safe-Pass certified

Safe Pass is an assessment program in Ireland that provides basic health and safety awareness training to workers, covering key topics like construction safety, manual handling, working at heights, and personal protective equipment. It is required by law for construction workers and recommended for workers in other high-risk industries.


Daisy Todd (MA, BSc, N.Dip) is the Company Secretary of Heritage Tree Care. She is in charge of running the show behind the scenes. Daisy does the accounts, the quotations, the invoicing, all the risk assessments, and most importantly: 


Daisy is our main Arboricultural Consultant. She is committed, knowledgable, competent and has many highly respected qualifications under her belt.

ISA certified

The ISA Certified Arborist ® credential is a top qualification in arboriculture, earned by demonstrating fundamental knowledge and expert skills. This certification reflects our professionalism and is highly valued by leaders in various sectors. Eligibility for the ISA ® exam requires extensive scientific study and field experience. Arborists with this certification are required to follow the ISA code of ethics and adhere to American and British Standards for Tree Care. 

Lantra (PTi) Professional Tree Inspector

  • PTI-qualified professionals are trained to identify signs of decay, disease, and other issues that can compromise tree health and safety.

  • Holding a PTI qualification demonstrates that an individual has the knowledge and skills required to carry out these inspections in compliance with regulations.

  • The PTI qualification is recognised as a benchmark of competence for tree inspection professionals within the industry. 

  • The PTI qualification requires ongoing professional development, keeping us up-to-date with  developments and best practices.

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