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Firewood for sale - Tree company Cork

Seasoned air-dried hard & softwood logs delivered to your door, all year round.  

Mulching Cork - Tree Service

Improve your garden with good quality wood chip.  Prices from €20.


Sawmill near me - Timber Mill Cork

Turning felled trees into beautiful live-wood planks for you to use.

Split Firewood

Woodchip For Sale Cork

woodchip mulch

Woodchip For Sale Kerry

Split Firewood

Need organic woodchip mulch for garden-beds or large-scale projects? 

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

Do you mulch your garden? What about your trees and shrubs? If not, you are creating more work for yourself and making it harder for your plants to thrive.  

 Improve your garden with our good quality organic wood-chip. Heritage Tree Care Ltd. have easy to apply, fresh mulch, that is containable within the area of application and easy to apply. 

Image by Maddy Baker

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. can provide and spread organic 

what is in our mulch?

We recycle our wood-chip! Our chippers used in our tree surgery work process all smaller material to form 'whole-tree wood chip'. Our mulch consists of coarsely divided plant matter, such as well composted wood-chip, pulverised bark, leaf mould and green waste (conforming to PAS 100). Our organic wood chip, from conifer timber especially, is far more durable and full of nutrients than chipped pallets or sawdust from timber mills. The wood-chip is stored in heaped piles in our yard and regularly moved to encourage its natural breakdown. 

The excellent quality and durability of our mulch means it lasts far longer when compared carbon-rich mulches bought at plant nurseries; and thus is a far more cost effective option for you and your trees. 

the benefits of mulching

Typically, a uniform layer of wood-chip mulch is applied over soil beds. The use of organic materials for mulching is beneficial as it supplements vital nutrients and introduces organic matter to the soil, promoting the growth and vitality of plants and trees.


To prevent weed growth, soil compaction, and reduce maintenance requirements, it is recommended to mulch newly planted shrub and tree areas.


Furthermore, organic mulch aids in water retention by minimizing groundwater evaporation, thus preventing the soil from getting water-logged. By inhibiting weed growth, mulch saves both you and your plants time and energy during the growth period. Additionally, woodchip mulch creates a polished and neat appearance for your soil beds.

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