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Heritage Tree Care Ltd. offer a range of arboricultural consultancy services. A Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) is a basic tree risk assessment survey.  You may require a VTA for insurance purposes, for ownership disputes, or simply because you are concerned about the safety of a tree and its unnervingly close proximity to your house.  


Heritage Tree Care Ltd. provide Visual Tree Assessments for commercial and residential clients. Our VTAs are carried out in a systematic manner, in accordance to the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Manual. Via an on-site visit we identify, analyze, and evaluate tree risk and any relevant impacting site factors. This may include terrain topography, wind-funnelling, the tree/s previous pruning history etc.


By assessing the likelihood of failure and impact to the neighbouring target/s, we are able to designate each tree a risk rating, using the ISA Risk Matrix. Within the VTA we recommend tree-work that will benefit the health of the tree and the safety of client. It is only when the tree poses unacceptable risk, that we recommend removal. 


We advocate a proactive approach to a site’s maintenance, rather than reactiveBy identifying tree risk, you can mitigate a disaster before it has occurred, and save your tree in the process! If you are worried about your tree/s and don’t know if they will be break or fall over in the stormy Irish weather, then give us a call today to discuss your options, and to give yourself some peace of mind

All of our reports are written and reviewed by appropriately qualified arborists in accordance with

BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction- Recommendations


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