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(VTA) Risk Assessment- For insurance, disputes & safety concerns. Prices from €100.


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Assessment of trees on a proposed development site-

For planning permission.


Tree climbing surveys-  PRF bat roost reports start from €300.



(AIA) Impact of proposed development on trees on-site- Report for planning permission.  



Step-by-step instructions relating to tree work. Required once planning is approved.

ITM mapped CAD diagram of positions of tagged trees to be removed. 


ITM mapped CAD diagram showing  RPA's & retention categories of retained trees. 


Visual reference document for construction workers. Required once planning is approved. 


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Tree Inspection Cork

Visual Tree 

Tree Risk Assessment Kerry

Split Firewood

A VTA is like a doctor's check up. Does your tree look sick?

Split Firewood

How can we Help?

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. provides comprehensive arboricultural consultancy services, including Visual Tree Assessments (VTAs) for residential and commercial clients in Cork & Kerry.

A visual tree assessment (VTA) is a type of tree inspection that aims to identify any potential issues or risks associated with a tree.


It involves a visual inspection of the tree and its surroundings, and may include assessments of factors such as the tree's health, structure, and stability. 


What is a VTA?

A visual tree assessment is a fundamental inspection that identifies any potential problems a tree may have, and evaluates their associated risks.


Based on the assessment, a Tree Maintenance Schedule recommends appropriate mitigation strategies and when necessary tree-work should be carried out. 

When is a VTA needed? 

Reasons for needing a visual tree inspection include:

  1. To identify potential risks: Such as dead or diseased branches, structural defects, or leaning trees that pose a threat to nearby structures or people.

  2. For insurance purposes: Insurance companies often require a VTA to help determine the level of risk associated with the tree and the likelihood of it causing damage.

  3. During property transactions: A VTA can identify potential liabilities and help negotiate terms of the sale.

  4. To maintain tree health: By recommending appropriate tree care. 

  5. To resolve disputes: Such as boundary disputes or damage complaints. 

Our Pr0cesss

Heritage Tree Care Ltd. conducts systematic Visual Tree Assessments for residential and commercial clients, in accordance to the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Manual.


If you have a tree, or a row of trees, you are worried about, then call us. 

We will conduct an on-site visit, where we evaluate tree risks and relevant site factors, such as terrain and previous pruning history. Using the ISA Risk Matrix, we assign each tree a risk rating based on the likelihood of failure and impact to neighboring targets.


We advocate a proactive approach to a site’s maintenance, rather than reactive. By identifying tree risk, you can mitigate a disaster before it has occurred, and save your tree in the process! 


All of our reports are written and reviewed by appropriately qualified arborists in accordance with BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction- Recommendations, and BS3998:2010 Tree Work Recommendations.

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