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How a Top-Notch Arborist Can Help You in 8 Different Ways!

Updated: May 26, 2023

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Being proactive and looking after your trees has many, many benefits. Multiple too is the types of damage that can be caused if your trees remain unchecked and their care neglected. If you don't know much about tree care, this article will cover a range of topics, explaining some of the different ways arborists can help you with your trees. The topics include tree identification, diagnosing and treating diseases, pest control for trees to help sustain healthy plant life.

To figure out how arborist services can help your property in a variety of ways read on!

8 Benefits of Hiring an Arborist

1. Tree Identification

This is one of the first challenges that you might face. You need to know and identify the different types of trees in your garden. If this is overwhelming then you can always just call an arborist in Cork or Kerry. Arborists are tree experts, and will be able to help you identify which type of tree is in your yard. A trained professional will also be able to guide you on how to proceed with proper care guidelines for each type of tree identified. While identifying the different varieties of trees on your property, sounds like a basic task, it really is important! Trees can grow in all sizes and shapes, so it is important to know how they will scale up as they mature with time.

2. Diagnosing

Once you have identified the type of tree and its location, it is time to start asking questions about its general health and condition. Ask if you should prune it and how often. Find out about the pests that have been identified in the area. Also, whether any necessary treatments have been rendered to stop or prevent any further infestation on your property. If you notice dead branches or leaves, ask your arborist what might be causing it and how can you stop it. The last thing that you woul like to see is unnecessary extra expenses coming out of your pocket, just because of negligent care. If a tree requires urgent attention then call an arborist! It is best to call tree surgeons trained in arboricultural consultancy, ISA certified preferably. Arboricultural consultants will be able to carry to visual tree assessments that correctly diagnose the ailments of your tree. A correct diagnosis, leads to appropriate responsive care. Start right, end right- don’t just hack your trees and hope for the best.

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3. Precautions

Your arborist will be able to take precautionary measures that will apprehend tree-related diseases. For example, they may prune the damaged or dying branches and remove dead wood in the canopy. A professional arborist will know what measures one should take to ensure that your tree remains healthy, and secure its continued health for as long as possible. More often than not, neglected trees can harbor pest infestations. Damage to a tree is cumulative- a bad pruning wound can lead to a large-scale pest infestation, which will cause your tree to become structurally unstable and die. Unstable trees can obviously cause damage to your property in the event of extreme weather conditions. It is best to protect your property and call an arborist, if you are worried about your trees.

4. Pest Control

Pests that can bring about a lot of damage to your tree include black ants, termites, chewing insects and wood-boring insects. These insects could be very small in size so you won't be able to notice them until they have caused a lot of damage to your tree. A professional arborist in Kerry or Cork will know exactly how to treat the trees. And also, how much you need to spend for their treatment and maintenance.

5. Insect Management

An arborist will conduct regular assessments of your trees to check whether they have become infested with any type of insect. The difference between pest management and insect management is that the latter deals with invertebrates like butterflies, caterpillars, moths, and snails. Insects are mostly larger in size than pests; but can still cause extensive damage to your trees. Your arborist may advise you to use insect management tools, such as snail traps, as simple tools like this can be a good, undamaging method by which to manage insects.

6. Tree Maintenance

A professional will also be able to offer tips on how you can increase the growth rate of your plants. Basic advice, such as ensuring the correct amount of water is provided, the correct amount and type of fertilizers are applied to your soil. You will have to continue tending to your trees for as long as you have them in your backyard. It is a good idea to keep track of these important things that need regular attention to keep them alive and healthy.

Tree planting - Heritage Tree Care

7. Tree Planting

You and your family will always enjoy the services of an experienced arborist, especially when it comes to tree planting. There are certain precautions that you should take when tree planting. It is not simply a decision as to ‘where and what’. A tree must be compatible with its surroundings. When it comes to deciding, it is wise to find out your soil type. Some trees like clay soils, some sand, some are hardy and will grow in anything. It is important that you know your soil, so then you can choose the right trees. A tree planted properly, in the right position, will be a healthy tree. It will be strong enough to avoid diseases and pretty much take care of themselves.

8. Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal. It is best that you hire an experienced and qualified person for tree removal in Kerry and Cork. Someone who can help you assess the state of your trees and their health. Someone who can tell you if a tree really needs to be removed, or whether you can actually save it. If the tree does need removing, then a certified arborist will be able to do a proper, clean, safe and efficient job of removing them. Better to remove a dead tree than to shoulder the risk and expense associated with a fallen tree – especially an unstable tree that is neighbouring your property.

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Heritage Tree Care Ltd. is one of the trustworthy arboricultural companies in Cork and Kerry. It is ISA Certified, the highest certification for tree-care professionals. It is qualified to carry out arboricultural consultancy services, including tree risk & safety surveys, and planning and development surveys. Heritage Tree Care Ltd. have the knowledge, experience, and skill set to handle any of your tree-related problems, safely and efficiently, which will inevitably help you save time and money. You will get all the professional advice you need from the Heritage team, as quite simply, Heritage Tree Care knows what they are doing. Devastated that the last tree surgeons you employed, hacked your trees and made them unsightly? Well don’t worry, Heritage have 20 years of skill, working internationally and within Ireland. Years of highly technical training, that means they will never ever hack your trees. You can rely on them for a customized solution for every problem that you have, depending on what type of tree is being treated. It is always better to employ experts like Heritage to solve your tree problems, rather than trying to do it yourself.

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